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  黑虎虾 黑虎虾 我 们 wala 是 一 家 海 鲜 的 公 司 在 越 南 胡 志 明 市,介 绍 是 安 全, 质 量,名 声 得,多二十 年 多 经 验 活 动 ,服 务 员 有 经 验 第一是 得 公 司  职 业 海 鲜 出口 国 外,说 道 黑 虎 虾 是一样 大 虾 有 较 高 的 经 济 价 值,分 陪 各 大 洋,业 内 捞 世 界 的 比 重 重 大 贡 献,为, 高 [...]

White Vanamei Shrimp

White Vanamei Shrimp 1. About   White Vanamei Shrimp are the most consumed product in the world. Vietnam is a supplier of this product, Wala Seafood Corporation recognizes the demand of this product, with 20 years’ experience in production of Vanamei Shrimp, we want to introduce to our customer about our product and believe that it will adapt all standard of your country. We supply all size of vannamei shrimp with all types: HOSO, HLSO, PD, PUD and PTO. Packing in bag with [...]

Dried Anchovy

Dried Anchovy 1. ABOUT US: We are proud to introduce that we are Wala Corp. We are supplier and exporter frozen and dried anchovy from Vietnam. With more than 20 years experience in family seafood business that exporting to Srilanka, Japanese, Korea, and Russia… Now, we do believe  that our product with brand name “Wala Seafood” have been not only have best quality, stable sources, also restrict and competitive price. We are delighted that Wala will bring Vietnam seafood to all over the world.   2. OUR EXPORT [...]

Salted Baby Shrimp

Salted Baby Shrimp 1. About Salted Baby Shirmp Viet Nam have had the tradition of Salted Baby Shrimp for a long time, with the large quantity of catching volume every years. Wala are glad to introduce our product “Salted Baby shrimp”, one of the 20-year-experienced company in manufacturing and supplying in Viet Nam of “Salted Baby shrimp”. Now we are delighted to bring our product “Salted Baby shrimp” to all over the word with natural flavor. 2. Specification   3. Main market   From Dec to [...]

Black tiger shrimp

Black tiger shrimp Black tiger shrimp is considered as one of main products of Wala Seafood Corporation. Vietnam is always in top of exporting black tiger shrimp in the world. Wala with more than 20 years of production black tiger shrimp, we believe that our product will adapt all standard of every country. We can supply all size of black tiger shrimp with all type PD, HOSO, HLSO, etc... You can look at the picture below: Wala has an excellent quality control team; the [...]

Công Ty Thuỷ Sản Wala – Wala Seafood Corporation

Công ty thủy sản Wala, Wala Seafood Corporation About (Công ty thủy sản Wala) Wala Seafood Corporation Công ty thủy sản Wala, Wala Seafood Corporation is one of the most reliable exported seafood in Vietnam, we expect to bring and introduce to the world about Vietnam seafood product. With our commitment “We will give you the best quality control in every business, we consider it as our reputation”, we believe that we can bring the best quality Vietnamese products to our customer. Công [...]

Pangasius exports to UK increase sharply

Pangasius exports to the UK hit US$46.6 million in 2015, an increase of 13.9 percent against 2014. The market accounted for 3 percent of total pangasius export turnover. This was the highest growth rate among markets importing Vietnamese pangasius. The UK ranks third among importers of Vietnamese pangasiusin the European Union (EU), after the Netherlands and Spain . According to statistics from ITC, the average import price of pangasius and other catfish in the UK was between $3.11 and 3.82 per [...]

Viet Nam pangasius exports to Russia passed a year of slump

In 2015, the Vietnam pangasius exports to Russia totaled US$16.8 million, accounting for only 1.08% of the total export value of the fish. With value plummeting 49% compared to the previous year, Vietnam pangasius exports to the Russian market in the past year was not positive. According to preliminary statistics by the Russian Federation statistical agency (Rosstat), in the first 10 months of 2015, seafood imports into Russia decreased by 39% to 452,600 tons. In which, imports of fresh and [...]

Positive signs for Viet Nam shrimp production and exports in first 2 months

In first 2 months of 2016, Vietnam shrimp production and prices showed signs of recovery. The weak supply in February and rising purchase demand for processing and exports pushed raw shrimp prices sharply increase compared with the previous month. At this time, most of the shrimp farming ponds in the Cuu Long River Delta (Mekong Delta) are in the stage of reclamation waiting for favorable weather to feed shrimp for new crop. Shrimp prices increased slightly after quite long Lunar New [...]

Organic shrimp farmers protect mangrove forests

After three years of implementation of the Mangroves and Markets Project (MAM), shrimp farmers have become more aware of organic production techniques and the need to preserve mangrove forests in their areas. "Local farmers in the southernmost province of Ca Mau have been able to significantly increase their income. They now have higher productivity and prices for their organic shrimp, and get paid for environmental services," Nguyen Thi Bich Thuy, project manager, said at a project review meeting of the [...]